The Story

Here’s the thing, I started selling items found by ‘garage shopping’ in high school. That, and the other 'recreational activities' I was enterprising in, resulted in my Dad pulling me out of high school and my Mom's house, to go live with him under house arrest. Not a small loss in revenue for my 17-year-old self. He then sent me through one of those self-awareness trainings, and I started to pull my shit together. Fast forward through my early 20’s, selling car parts on eBay, getting headhunted by the Mitsubishi dealership, only to be fired a year later because they couldn’t afford how much commission I was making.

There I was at unemployment. Luckily, I had never stopped selling online. I couldn’t, I was too good at it. I turned my side gig into my full gig and started an online car parts store. Things went well until I got a brick and mortar location and learned I hate service labor by sinking the company.

I don’t follow the rules, I don’t know the rules, honestly I don’t give a shit what the rules are.

This time though, I had no side gig. I went into severe depression and binge watched all four seasons of Prison Break, eating and sleeping on the couch. Eventually my wife got tired of being married to a zombie and told me to get a job or get out.

I got a job. I started selling Google SEO over the phone, and lasted all of two weeks.

But, my wife wouldn’t let me quit unless I had a business plan.

Well, I had kept a sticker machine from my failed auto shop and, as kind of a joke, decided to sell stickers on Amazon to get out of that damn cubicle. I figured out I had to sell 480 stickers to pay our bills each month. In the first month I sold 400, and each month sales increased. That December, I did 32,000 stickers in that same month. I was making what I thought was stupid money, for the first time seeing a million in revenue in my forecasts.

Then Amazon shut my store down.

I wasn’t worried until I learned Amazon doesn’t allow second accounts and was holding my money for 90 days. I had to shut the company down again and lay off employees but, this time, I knew I was meant to be an online seller.
Four accounts and three years later, I decide Amazon can be a finicky mistress and start diversifying. I branched into other physical products and other online platforms. A year into using one of those platforms, ClickFunnels, I got an award for the Two Comma Club, and a second award six months later.

Go look it up; it’s a big deal.

What I learned through all of that has resulted in a 10 million dollar company.