Product launches aren’t some big elaborate event, they are a daily occurrence.

I don’t follow the rules. I don’t know the rules. Honestly, I don’t give a shit what the rules are. I’m literally the asshole that will pay the waitress to seat me before you because I don’t want to wait in a line. But I am passionate about business, online selling in particular, and I love when other people get it. When they see the patterns and get that it’s about just doing it, not about the ‘one thing you need to know.’

Most of My Introductions Start Because of the Lambo

Them - “Sick car bro!”
Me - “Thanks.”
Them - “I like the wheels, what do you do?”
Me - “I sell stickers.”

At this point the masses fall into two categories. Those that do the math, and those that don’t. I sell product online, yes I did Amazon when it was cool two years ago, no I don’t use Shopify. At some point, if this is becoming a real conversation, they ask about the ‘Drop Out’ sticker.

Them - “You dropped out of college?”
Me - “High school.”

Shock is the usual reaction. Or they get awkward.

Here’s the thing, everyone has a story.
The story doesn’t matter. What matters is how they show up today.

Here’s how I show up.

I am a multimillionaire founder and owner of a business that does over 29M in annual revenue. I am a racecar driver who owns the vehicles of my dreams. Me and my team have 17 Clickfunnels™ Two Comma Club awards. [Go look it up; it’s a big deal] I believe in results and data and using that information to aid in big decision making. Unless I really want it, then I just get it. I mean...that’s why I started this whole thing.

If you still need to know the story, here it is.